AC to DC Car Cigarette Lighter Socket Adaptor - Update 1

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


My prayers has been answered for DC Car Lighter Socket Adaptor. I couldn't have the time to look for for it but a friend happens to just bought it and don't really use it. So, without much hassels I've got it from him for RM 10. Of course its made in china, what doesn't? But there's always that upgraded QC and specs from China right?.

Ok, so far it has been tested with Mp3 modulator that can be extreamly useful in cars. Thanks to it creator but my friend hasn't done it with a vacuum cleaner such as I have yet. That'll be my job. I'll try it tonight, hopefully it'll work.

----Updated---- the next day.

Hello everyone,
Bad news, after I setup everything and click the "on" switch for my vacuum cleaner it when "Splat!". An electrifying sound blast out of the plugged and the burning plastic smell was in the air. Lucky nothing bad than that happen, I think maybe the fuse got burned. Can't check it because the screw needs a special screwdriver, different point. I returned it to my friend with a sulky smile, what can I say, its not working as expected.

Everything else my wall plug, my vacuum cleaner checked right after that incident and everything is working. Thank god.

Keep on looking for a working socket adaptor.
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My Mobile Short History

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I'm thinking on changing to new phone by Quarter 1, next year... new gadget meh.

But I'm still in dilemma by the options that I have. After being a loyal supporter to Motorola for its nice design and stylish flip models. Now I want to document my phones history in a simple short post, I'm all 'bout how the phone looks(maybe because I'm a Libra).

I started out with Motorola V3988 back in my Uni.

It served me very notably, despite it cuteness and small in size it stood up for all sort of drops. Dropped it from my double-storey bed, dropped it from my hand, dropped it from my desk and I also dropped it while I was walking. It's very the tahan one even though it was a second hand phone and mine was dark-blue in colour.

The only bad thing that I can't stand was SMS can't be recognize, it just display the sender by the mobile number. WTF!! That was all that I complained for this phone, This time phone still just for voice calls and SMS.

I trade it with a same style and design phone but different colour, this one is light silver coloured. Not really the greatest phone but still the design attracts me. Oh! The "SMS can't be recognise" thingy is still there but I manage to stood by it for plus minus 3 years. Then it got a little wet, you know with all oily and finger prints all over the phone once in a while I wet a cloth and clean the phone. This one time the cloth was wetter than usual and that's the end of it.

Lucky my ex-girlfriend has an old Nokia phone she kept for this kind of situation so I'm a Nokia 3310 user. Nothing much to it and everyone knows about it. This is also one durable phone, I dropped it a lot of times but that one last time the phone got broken to 4 pieces on the verge of meeting with my friend. It falls from level 2 of my house and it gets me to a new phone that same very evening.

Back to Motorola, I've gotten me an AP set Motorola V3i. Since the technology at these times is high enough and manual for phone hacking can be found anywhere I've tried hacking these one Motorola to my bore (of course with care, avoiding any loop holes that I can think of, I don't to waste it just to pleasure my curiousity)

All in all I've my fun with it, people at the Motorola Hacking Forums really did helps me a lot. Now the external screen was broken, lucky to have bought a screen protector which serves more to hold the screen from falling off to pieces compare to prevent scratches of the screens. This one really gone to my expectations.

Now, I'm thinking of Push-Mail capability and GPS or Google Maps. I don't know if I could enjoy blogging through the phone due to the restricted screen size and no keyboard. QWERTY keypad also has its limited luxury.

What do you think of this mobile history, not as much as Up-To-Date Mobile user. But your comment really does count. Please drop in the comment box below. Read More and Photos After The Jump...

The Matrix Runs On Windows

Thursday, November 13, 2008


This one I found on the video bar just on my sidebar. You can find it to your right but maybe the video is not there anymore. That's why I post this video here because, I found it just so full of humor, sarcastically appointing window's weaknesses that all of us experienced.

This one really did helps relief me of this stress here on my "work-bench". I should start a stories of programmers on work-bench.

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AC to DC Car Cigarette Lighter Socket Adaptor


I'm looking for a AC to DC Car Cigarette Lighter Socket Adaptor for Malaysian home usage. I want to expand the usage of my car vacuum cleaner into my home. Fell kind a waste for the vacuum cleaner to just sit there waiting to be use only in the car, plus with the lenghty 5 metres power chord, it would bring a lot of use for the house.

The thing is the vacuum cleaner power comes from car ciggarette lighter direct current port and it didn't have extendable plug for house wall-socket.

I've been looking to a few DIY stores but still no hopes except for the same advice "Jalan Pasar". Don't really like to go there yet.

So, any other suggestions from you guys. This image is for europe version, I don't know wether it can be use for malaysia wall socket or not. You can check it out here. If you have any suggestions please write it in the comment box below. It would be a very great help to me. Read More and Photos After The Jump...

Steps To Create Paypal Donation Button

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I have someone asking me on how to create paypal donation button on your web pages. So I made a reference to it for all. Enjoy!

This instruction is true as 6th November 2008

- Account Page -

  1. Log-On to your PayPal Account and click on "Merchant Services".

  2. Under the "PayPal Website Payments Standard", there's a "Key Features" box. You can find "Donations" link in this box. Click on the link.

- Next Page -

  1. Now you are on "Create PayPal payment button" page. Here you can customize your button and how it looks, you also can use your own image(you need to give your image url).

  2. You can change the currency to your local currencies whichever is supported here. Mine is not supported so I just choose USD, the one that almost everybody knows.

  3. You can set how much is the donation will be made, I prefer to let the donor decide how much they would contribute. It's a donation, I dont like to force them in any ways.

  4. Other than that is an option to show your Paypal Merchant ID or your e-mail address, to avoid spammers I believe Paypal Merchant ID would be the best.

  5. Click "Create Button".

This steps is given for Paypal Personal Account, in case you've upgrade to Merchant

- Next page -

  1. Now you're on "You've created your button" page. Here you're supposed to copy the given codes to your web page or your e-mail.

- Done -

That's it, that's all the steps that you need to know. If there's anything in your mind please state it in the comment box below.

Thank You.

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