Great Expectations? Change Your Habit First

Friday, March 21, 2008


Photo courtesy of Maria Takes Pictures

For a couple of days I surf around, checking blogs and links finding motivations and ways to establish my integrity, I found a few site that actually made me feel confident and life is great again. One of it really made it for me, even looking at the blog design relaxed my tired eyes. I've put the link in the site list on the right side of this blog. Check it out, it's called ZenHabits.

Today was one of the failing days, where last night I've spent two hours on my bed. However calm i try to be or not to be I just didn't fall asleep, not untill it was too late as per 5 am and...

It's not end there, this bad habits since early childhood really gets to me. When I was 'bout to leave my office desk for a tea, my boss tap my shoulder and said that he should officially gives me a warning letter for turn-in late again!. Urgh!... Ok. Something seriously got to be done.


You know back in younger years, when we did something right, getting A's, helped a grandma cross the street or something and we thought, one day we would be somebody.We would have some greatness, but as we get older, we just lose that optimists from us. More or less like we accept the fact that Santa Claus is just a bluff. Hell, I'm still waiting for my present. Must have done something wrong.

So, this is where the usual thinking comes. Why didn't I just have a million ringgit, the hardest job I would have is to maintain the million so not losing it purposelessly. I wouldn't have trouble failing to sleep early and rising late again. Call it hassle, lazy, not with a million it's not. haha!

Its no mystery to me, why oh why this habit keeps getting me, I just fail to kill it every time. Come with me and check out this tips, How To Become an Early Riser. Hope you guys come and wakes me every times but reading this with me for now helps me already. Read More and Photos After The Jump...

Sara Evans - You'll Always Be My Baby

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


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Last night I shared a sad story with a someone, the intention was to console her of her currently sad moment. I know what would happen to her, being sympathizes to the story at least will put her mind at ease as for a strong lady she is.

But what I didn't know was what would happen to me. It's a story that I should not tell to anyone again, unless I'm to feel blue. Even writing this line makes me take a deep breath. Hah, life really is mysterious, it was passed the point of no return and still it aches as it was just last night.

So in consoling my self after that, I found this songs made famous by Sara Evans. A country singer, sexy tu.. wow.. Well today I take a day off and listening to the lyrics helps me somehow.


Oh! by the way, Sara Evans also having hard time with divorce and betrayed by her best-friend and ex-Nanny. Read More and Photos After The Jump...

May I Do Blog

Monday, March 17, 2008


Blogging has been somewhat pretty regular nowadays and we can find a lot of blog talking about the most boring stuff to the most important hot current topics. It really is as revolutionary as internet when it first breaks-out to the world.The intentions also varies by individual, while there are charities that blog to helps other in most honorable ways, they are other bloggers that made their living through blogging, "blogging for a living". Some also just to highlight themselves and for millions other reasons that would be ridiculous enough for me to list them all.

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For me, blogging would be like the hardest decision that I have put myself into. Being a commitment-phobia I am, this is like challenging myself out to friends and world. Of course you don't want to look that bad in front of my friends, the jeering is fatal. Especially when you can find millions other blogs talking on the same topic, but I need to face it.

I am just an average joe, majorities of people inhabiting this planet and there's a lot more negatives side of me than the one I prefer to show.

As per recently getting out of a relation-ship, I prefer to say "being hurled out of a relationship" had cause me a lot of thinking and yes, I do think I need to change certain parts of me, mentally. I figured that I'm being less sensitive, afraid of real commitment, selfish and other issues that contribute to my failure in the relationship. Now these issues really make me looks bad, I don't mind that. I'm not a rotten-egg that has no good qualities at all, but let it be for now that these issues is the first at hand. I would list of others in many more post to come and I'm glad with this first-post, its my first step in maintaining this blog.

What am I gonna put in this blog is what mostly happens to me and every topics that are going around me. I'm gonna talk about a topic per post and I must at least read it 3 times before I posted it starting from April 2008, checking it contents and style of language to my best liking. Before this date post that accumulated is to helps me with editing this blog design and looks. Simple rules to keep me unburden and still achieving my commitment.

So, since this is first post as if the first steps toward blogging, commitment and my life, I'll start it with a wish. "May I'll maintain this blog, it looks and what it contains". Read More and Photos After The Jump...