Is That The Right Course?

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Photo courtesy of Max Braun

Nine tenths of education is encouragement.

-Anatole France-

At This time of year I believes that a lot of post-SPM(Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia) student having a hard time deciding which course to apply for their first-time in university, or maybe for their first time applying.

I recall my first time doing so, vividly remembered how the decision was taken. So glad after all these years that my dad answers on which course to take was “Take what you like and what you really want”. Just that, no help in deciding which course.

I was quite shocked with the answer then, because it’s not easy making this decision. I was 17, just out of school, what do I know about engineering, architecture, doctoring or could be, computering. Hell I thought you can just type with computers at that time. We have a type-writer and computer keyboard was the best thing to compare with.

So there I was, contemplating on the lamest decision based on what I read-off the brochure and maybe a little influence from Tron, the movie. I can’t remember on last of the course list that I picked but the first three was science computing, gladly decided by me. Back then you could choose up to 5 courses which then be used for deciding committee to match you with available quota.

Now it never was an easy decision with all the rumours at that time on how hard one of the assignment, to put just a dot on the computer screen. I don’t know what could happen to me doing it, I’m pretty sure I could flunked studying it which I did, but still I took it... and again for second time till I graduated (The second time it feels like a challenge).

The bad news is nobody else knows what will happen to you with the course that they suggested. It’s all up to how you manage the study, the assignment, the girls and all.

Now, if I to be responsible, I might as well have a choice in it. Yes, maybe you fail the course, carrying the shame and wonder what would happen to you after that. I could recall a computer student in one of articles I read which graduated but can’t get a job ended-up literally being a clown. Neither has it had any guarantee in it. Good thing is, he likes being a clown doing parties and stays so till now.

There are no RIGHT or WRONG decision in this one. Normally suggestion arose as how you and people around you see you or how they want you to be. What do you want or like is deep within your heart and only you could dig it up.

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