Yahoo Mail Celebrates 25 Years of Online Communication

Thursday, April 23, 2009


They used to be Rocket Mail

Do you guys still remember Rocket Mail? It was in 1997 when I first experienced internet and e-mail. It turns out Yahoo bought Rocket Mail and enhanced it to Yahoo! Mail nowadays. I still remember vividly how me and roomies went on exploring internet, the excitement of first time communicating through e-mail.

For those who remember those time this video of 25 years online communication, put together by Yahoo! Mail team surely bring memories.

*Do you know how "Rocket Mail" got it name? Click on the link below.

Communication Evolution @ Yahoo! Video

*Long before they use real rocket missile to transport mail. Here's a Wiki about it.


Sir said...

best nye! ^_^

Nuar Young said...

Haha, it does brings back memory right?

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